Fry at Bletchley

On Monday this week I went to Bletchley Park, invited by the Trust that runs it to come along and meet Stephen Fry, who was there for lunch and a private visit.
It turned into a big social media event – which I blogged about on dot life the following day.

The Trust had also invited Dr Sue Black, who has done so much to promote awareness of the wartime coding and the need to preserve it properly for the nation, and Christian Payne (aka @documentally) an insanely keen exponent and apostle of social networking and everything new tech. Christian had been so impressed on a vist at the end of last year that he set about showing Bletchley how to strut its social media stuff – and he put that in to action suring Stephen Fry’s visit. In fact, the whole event turned into an online extravaganza – @stephenfry, @Dr_Black, @documentally, @ruskin147 and @bletchleypark were all tweeting. Both Christian and I were also recording AudioBoos. Here are a few of them.

I recorded Tony Sale talking to Stephen Fry about Tunny – the machine used by the Germans to send high-level messages.

And Christian recorded me interviewing Stephen towards the end of his tour.

Christian has put a set of his excellently shot photos
on Flickr.

One Enigma examines another

I have put three or four completely rubbishy, iphone pix up as well, the best of which is shown above – but far better to go and look at Christan’s.

But I also shot some video as we were goiing round, which is much better. It’s right here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "Fry at Bletchley", posted with vodpod

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