Phone Apps, IWF, and the rest – a week in tech

So here is my week. On Monday a piece on phone apps – including a row on my dot life blog post about whether it is appropriate for a BBC journalist to use an abbreviation like app. The piece that ran on the Six O Clock News is here.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Phone Apps – Six O Clock News“, posted with vodpod

And there was also this bit of video with one developer which ran on the web:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “App developer Malcolm Barclay“, posted with vodpod

Tuesday was taken up with a trip to Cambridge to see the Internet Watch Foundation for a piece for the Today programme. While I was there I caught up with Bill Thompson at the Arts Picturehouse – it’s his central Cambridge HQ as he’s on the board of the Cambridge Film Festival. He introduced me to the team that runs the festival – and I heard about this year’s wheeze. It’s a plan to use empty shops as temporary cinema screens, with back projection to put archive material in the shop windows. Brilliant idea – hope it works. Oh, and I also caught up with Richard Clayton at the University Computer Lab. Great to meet a computer scientists who looks like he might drown in paper….

A computer scientist shows the way to the paperless office

A computer scientist shows the way to the paperless office

Wednesday saw the Budget – like Christmas, final exams and your birthday rolled into one for everyone in the Economics Unit where I sit. For the first time in about two deacdes I was not really involved, though I did end up blogging about universal broadband, which the government hopes to pay for with money from the licence fee.

On Thursday stories kept exploding around us – allegations that the Pirate Bay judge was biased, UK Information Commissioner gives all-clear to Google Streetview, 3 deal with Skype for free calls on its network – while I tried to get on with processing the IWF material for broadcast on Friday. Menawhile, I’m still playing with AudioBoo – I really like this one which I recorded on a morning walk with the dog. Now that Stephen Fry is using it – and it’s coming to other phones besides the iPhone – this could really take off.

And on FridayI’m sitting and waiting to hear my radio package about the IWF go out as promised. Because only then can my article also run on the BBC website. Oh, good it’s on air now….here’s a link.
The story centred round an interview with Karen, who has one of the world’s most stressful jobs – viewing potentially illegal child abuse images – and trying to track down the sites where they’re hosted. I cut together an extended interview with her which I put here.

Interview with Karen.

Later, I managed a quick blog post about what this week’s results from Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo and Amazon say about who’s weathering the recession in the tech world and who isn’t. Cue the usual sniping that happens whenever you go near the Windows/Mac schism…

So a varied week. Now sitting down with a bottle of wine and a curry to watch Have I Got News For You…

Saturday update.

Some great stuff in the FT this morning – including this from John Kay comparing bankers to teenagers wanting their parents to clean up after a party wrecked the house, before starting again.

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