Brentford v Exeter – and an HD test

So it’s my first trip to Griffin Park – my nearest ground – for a couple of years. Couldn’t persuade either boy to come with me. I remember taking our oldest ten years ago and being horrified when his mum packed him a book “in case he gets bored…”.

You now pay £20 to sit down which seems a bit steep for what is essentially 4th Division football. Still it has a friendly down to earth feel completely lacking from more elevated clubs. Might try an audioboo later.

The above was posted from my iPhone, using the WordPress app which seems to work pretty well. This has been written from home the next day.

The game ended 1-1 – and was a very nostalgic occasion for me. When I used to go more frequently some years ago, there were two constants – the low quality of Brentford’s football and the good-natured grumbling of their supporters. Sure enough, after a good start where they really should have scored several times. Brentford fell apart after Exeter scored a beautifully taken goal during a rare breakaway. For most of the second half the Bees resorted to kick and rush tactics that wouldn’t have been out of place in the local park. They got a lucky penalty from a handball – and gave the Exeter keeper a feeble effort which he saved. Then finally they equalised in the last minute. I recorded this AudioBoo in which you can hear some of that good-natured grumbling – “they’re not talking to each other at all.!!.” – followed by a match report.
I also shot a little bit of video in HD on a Flip video camera – really to test the quality of the camera, and find out what its output looks like on YouTube. This file is actually nearly 140Mb for just 37 seconds – yet I’m not convinced that it’s come out as really HD on YouTube. See what you think:
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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4 responses to “Brentford v Exeter – and an HD test

  1. Surprised its £20 – it’s £25 to get in to see Watford, or about £17 if you’r a season ticket holder. Saying that, Brentford are pushing for promotion so it’s not surprising they’re trying to cash in on their success.

    Good to see support for your local team – that’s what real football is about 🙂

  2. £21 for Burnley tickets and a price freeze if they get promotion to the Premiership.

  3. Rory, where is your RSS feed for this site? Come on man!

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