The Battle of Broughton

I’ve spent a day in a village near Milton Keynes, covering the Battle of Broughton – the row over Google Streetview’s arrival here and ejection by a couple of angry residents. My blog post about it is here

I rushed up there in the morning, with top producer Jonathan Sumberg (he’s the guy in the hoodie in the Flickr set at the bottom of this post) and we just about got a piece together for One. Then, as is normally the case, we tinkered with it for some hours and made it only slightly better for Six. And then luckily they ran the same piece at Ten. Here it is:
Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Streetview Rebels“, posted with vodpod

Of course, the irony was that a village that had wanted to be out of the spotlight was in it all day, as we and other media outlets turned up with satellite trucks, cameras, and nosey reporters. But for the most part, the villagers were very welcoming – especially Paul Jacobs who let us use his house for our edit. Here is the scene in the sat truck:

The man in red is Streetview protestor Paul Jacobs - doing the Jeremy Vine show

The man in red is Streetview protestor Paul Jacobs - doing the Jeremy Vine show

And here is a short grab of video from my flip camera:

And I’ve put a set of photos from the day on Flickr.

5 responses to “The Battle of Broughton

  1. thomas ormiston

    big deal,anyone that wants to case the joints been and gone.
    People taking photos all the time ,all you have done is draw attention to yourself.
    You going to stop people walking up your stret next?

  2. Rory , I don’t get what use Google Street View has. Everyone I know , myself included , has gone on it to see their street and then maybe family and friends’ , but aside from that what is the point ?Once people have done that , they close it and carry on doing other things. I can’t see what it’s for?

  3. Happy for them and their houses to appear on National TV, but not on Streetview, where they can request images to be removed.


  4. I use Str4eetview for finding hard to access streets and openings in my job as a Lorry driver.
    I get the delivery the night before and a lot of them are private houses on small lanes or small shops in Town centres , one example is The British Heart Foundation shops .The company I work for delivers to all 580 shops and most of them are in hard to reach places. Using streetview, forearmed is fore warned.

  5. Sean, A friend of mine was recently lost and alone in London. When she called her boyfriend and I guided her back so safety utilising Google’s street view to identify and point her at landmarks as well as the streets she needed to walk down.

    Tonight, I was out at dinner with a few geek friends and we almost decided to amass an army of photographers to document every view of this village from the public spaces within it. For now we have better things to do.

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