G20 and Social Media

I posted on dot life on Tuesday about the way people are using social media to cover the G20 – protestors, government and a sort of in between bunch of people who are taking part in government sponsored blogging, debating, and other web activity.

On Wednesday I spent some of the day trying to see what was going on at the demos in the City via Twitter, Flickr, AudioBoo etc. Concluded that TV was actually providing a fuller picture than what we in the MSM call UGC.

But on Thursday morning I’m getting calls claiming Twitter was used to organise the demos. Seems unlikely  to me – for two reasons. First, it’s an over-35 kind of place, second it’s too public for “covert” activity. But maybe I’m wrong. Let me know if you’ve evidence that Twitter was a really useful organisational tool for G20 protestors.

2 responses to “G20 and Social Media

  1. To be blunt, who cares?! They probably used text messages too. And email. Even telephone calls. Some might have seen a news report on the television and thought, ‘ Oh golly gosh that looks jolly good fun’ and left their home/office for a good old protest outside the BoE.

    What is interesting is the use of TwitPic by MSM and UGC creators when compared to the delay in getting images off traditional type cameras.

    I can see Canon et al working on adding 3G broadband to their cameras in addition to the Wi-Fi systems they also offer to allow MSM to get images within seconds of them being taken.

  2. where i work MSM is “men who have sex with men” – high risk of sexually-transmitted infections including HIV

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