24 Hours of Streetview

I was away on the day that Google Streetview launched in the UK, chairing the Guardian’s Changing Media summit. But Google UK’s new boss Matt Brittin, speaking at the conference, gave us a sneak preview of the service. Then in the lunch-hour I wrote a quick post for the dot life blog.

But when I came in to work on Friday, it seemed the whole story had taken on a new lease of life. The 22,000 miles of UK street footage had been efficiently combed by Google users – who had found plenty of embarrassing scenes captured on the Streetview cameras. Google was having to act to black out images – such as the one of a man being sick in Shoreditch, another entering a Soho sex shop.

Twitterers were soon linking me to plenty of images they’d found – including “celebrities” spotted on the streets. My favourite was the Stig – captured from a car passing along the Westway.
The Stig - spotted on Streetview
So I set up this Flickr group for Streetview pictures. Feel free to add any you spot.

And here’s a TV piece I made about Streetview last year for the Six O Clock News:
Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Streetview “, posted with vodpod

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