This is my first adventure into wordpress world – so any advice welcome. One of the things I want to do – now that the BBC allows embedding – is share any video material form the BBC(mostly mine) on this blog.

But struggling to do that…let’s see what happens when I paste the code from a recent video in here:

3 responses to “Hello…

  1. With the visual editor in WP, there is visual mode and HTML mode. You have to paste the code while in HTML mode – there’s a tab to switch between the two above the text window – but even then it might not work. On my own blog I have tried to embed a video of a talk @billt gave recently which was relevant but no luck. It must be possible however, as I found it on his own blog, which even uses the same WordPress theme as me!

  2. (Fergive my dyslexia)

    Hi, works fine for me running fierfox outside the uk. I watch you thrugh the beeb a lot and will come back if I can get intresting video reports here. Its cool the beeb lets you embed video in your blog.

  3. Nice to see you blogging, Rory.

    WordPress is a hugely flexible blogging system. After running a blog on wordpress.com, I took the plunge and set up a fully customised hosted blog at http://www.gamesbrief.com. Although it needed a fair amount of knowledge of HTML and CSS, seems to me that a technology reporter ought to have at least the rudiments of these skills these days 🙂

    A couple of suggestions for you:
    1) It’s worth changing out of the default theme as soon as you can: nothing says “this blogger isn’t serious” faster than the default theme

    2) The sidebar in wordpress is your customisation friend. It’s quick to add and lets you add features like search, category lists and a blogroll. It will make your blog much more accessible.

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