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An outing to Cardiff

Right – I’d really like to get to grips with WordPress now. How do I put sound and pictures on a page? I’d like, for instance, to create a page about my trip to Cardiff this weekend, to stay with friends and go to the Wales v Ireland game. So first here is some audio of the Welsh anthem being sung at the Millennium stadium: Listen! Now I’d like to insert a picture. img_0057
Or maybe two:

Castell Coch

Castell Coch

Oh, that’s a bit big, let’s try a smaller one:


Right, think I may have cracked that, though bulk uploading of images proved impossible – had to do it one by one. So maybe I’ll link to a Flickr Set. And perhaps I can now insert some video of that anthem scraped off YouTube to Vodpod and into here: Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Ok, think I’m getting to grips with this. Anyway – it was a brilliant 24 hours in Cardiff. Saw old friends, a rugby match of extraordinary drama (even though Wales lost), enjoyed a perfect little walk across the fields to Castell Coch and basked in the glorious sunshine that only South Wales can guarantee in March.

Cardiff on match day

Fantastic atmosphere in town. Only hope Wales live up to it.

Trying out the iphone app

So I’ve installed the wordpress blogging app on the iPhone. I’m also playing with something called audioboo which allows you to upload sound to the cloud. Now if that could be integrated (plus qik for video?) you’d have an instant multiplatform blogging platform.

24 Hours of Streetview

I was away on the day that Google Streetview launched in the UK, chairing the Guardian’s Changing Media summit. But Google UK’s new boss Matt Brittin, speaking at the conference, gave us a sneak preview of the service. Then in the lunch-hour I wrote a quick post for the dot life blog.

But when I came in to work on Friday, it seemed the whole story had taken on a new lease of life. The 22,000 miles of UK street footage had been efficiently combed by Google users – who had found plenty of embarrassing scenes captured on the Streetview cameras. Google was having to act to black out images – such as the one of a man being sick in Shoreditch, another entering a Soho sex shop.

Twitterers were soon linking me to plenty of images they’d found – including “celebrities” spotted on the streets. My favourite was the Stig – captured from a car passing along the Westway.
The Stig - spotted on Streetview
So I set up this Flickr group for Streetview pictures. Feel free to add any you spot.

And here’s a TV piece I made about Streetview last year for the Six O Clock News:
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The XO laptop – Rufus’s review

In November 2007 I went to Nigeria to make a short film about the One Laptop Per Child project, which was being piloted there. The picture in the header of this blog, showing children using the XO laptop, was taken there. The people running the project gave me an early-stage sample of the XO to bring home – and I gave it my son Rufus, then 9, to review. Here’s the video I shot – which has been quite a hit on YouTube.

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Fire via Twitter

Another example of Twitter as a newsgathering tool – this rather fine picture of a fire in Chancery Lane, posted before any news site.

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Now for some radio…..

So here’s my first go at putting some audio on this blog – bizarrely it’s been more difficult until now for me to get your radio stuff hosted than your video. This is a chat on the Today programme about Google, its court battle with LVMH – and a growing campaign by rivals to get its wings clipped.

Robots on the Six

Short piece about robots for the Six on 16th March 2009. Commissioned at 1300 after editor saw pix of lifelike Japanese robot. We managed to scramble an expert and a couple more robots..

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The Red Nose Twitter Epic

My Twitter-based fund-raising effort for Red Nose Day, which involved me stalking innocent BBC news presenters and other celebs around TVC, raised more than £3000. Thanks to everyone who contributed and helped, including Robert Peston.
Peston signs.....

The celebs all signed a Comic Relief t-shirt, which is going to the biggest sponsor, the folks at Brands2Life who gave £250. More of the pictures I took can be seen at this Flickr group.

Games BAFTAs

A rough and ready report from the games BAFTAs – with a cameo from Jonathan Ross

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